Walking on faith

Walking aimlessly, trying to reach your destination is not very efficient, though this is how many of us go about life. This way of action is not helping us to make progress, instead is causing us to lose faith.

Faith is the fuel we need when things are not going our way and when the place we are trying to reach is nowhere in sight. Faith is what pulls us forward when we can’t find an objective reason to do so. All of our dreams run on faith, that is why it’s important to let nothing diminish our faith.

Pursuing something that is only visible in the wind is almost crazy, but is the kind of crazy this world needs more of. Nothing will change unless we give our dreams a chance, even when it seems they have no chance of becoming true.

Every time our dreams are met with obstacles that shake our beliefs, we must return to that grain of faith we have in our souls and find the power to move past what is right in front of us and into the future we see in our minds.  

The time has come for me to give up into what life is meant to be. For a long time, I have been fighting with what was thrown in my path, not understanding the best way is to find the benefits in what comes.

Looking back, I am able to see that all that happened shaped the person I am today. I might have not liked what I needed to go through, but everything was useful.

Each of us needs to make many choices in our lives, and every one of these choices can make things easier or difficult for us. The choice that works for us is the one where we can see past the problem that blocks the road at the moment.

It is not easy to see past our current situation, but we need to force ourselves to see where we need to be, even when reality tries to convince us of something different.

We owe it to ourselves to move through life as if everything is possible. When we are able to think this way, all experiences become reacher.