Stop being a victim

Victimizing yourself is never going to work, even if you are right. Wallowing in your suffering will only cloud your judgment and limit your options to change the situation.

If you fall into a hole, and then start repeating in your mind “I’m in a hole”, you will never get out. Your only way out is to work with what you have and move your mind past the problem, on where you need to go.

Action and purpose are what can pull you out of every dark hole you will ever fall in. For this to work, you need to train your will because in life come moments when only will can get you past obstacles.

All of us lose hope sometimes, even if we don’t want to admit it. In those moments we find out what kind of person we are. Many of us focus on the loss, failing to understand this, only deepens our hopelessness.

Finding a way out of the darkness is not an easy task, but sometimes is not as hard as we let ourselves believe. For our lives to improve, we need to learn to trust ourselves and have faith in our abilities.

Trust in who you are and let the world see you because someone needs to receive what you have to give. Light doesn’t necessarily make things less scary, it only allows our mind to see what is true and not make up stuff to fill the darkness.

Our mind needs to make sense of the world that is why unknown situations frighten us most. This happens only because we got habituated with all that we know, and it doesn’t mean that can’t face what is unknown or uncertain, it only means we need to expand our minds in order to adapt.

Every day asks something from us and provides something else in return. What we get back is up to us because our choices are important.

We tend to avoid decisions because they require us to be aware of what we chose, and this makes us responsible. We will have no one to blame for our mistakes. This is why we borrow choices from the people around us and give up our greatest power, decision, out of fear.

Until we are able to give up all that is holding us back and take full responsibility for our lives, we will move through this life half asleep, and that’s not good.