Fighting every event that comes your way will end with all your energy depleted, and with no success in stopping what’s coming.

Each of us has a path to walk, and it’s better to trust in this than to act as we know any better. All the obstacles in our way are there because they can be overcome unless we give up. If we give up, we lock ourselves in a loop of regret and disillusion.

When life is not as you think it should be, your only way of action is to trust that you have all that is necessary to reach the destination meant for you. Every obstacle we meet is there to make us stronger, even when we don’t manage to go past it. This doesn’t mean we can’t have another go.

We can have everything that we want in life. All that we need to do is, move forward with the certainty that what is ours will always meet us along the way. To receive all this, all we need to do is, never give up hope, and always get up after each time we hit the ground.

Patience is a good ability to have, but what is to do when ours runs out. Many times, we are disciplined, we do the work, we keep at it as long as it’s necessary, and nothing happens. Then is when patience would be a good thing to have.

What is left for us to do when our efforts are not rewarded in the way we expect? First, we get frustrated, then we want to quit. Neither of these two is a real solution. To be able to improve the situation, we need to identify what is not working, correct it and start again.

Our lives flow in only one direction, towards a definitive end. Our behavior and choices along the way can give us a better experience, or not so much. When you are down, I know it’s hard to find strength in you again, but you are stronger than you think. Dig deep inside for that hidden power, move forward again, and have patience.

Trust at all times that you are on the right way. If you don’t, you might end up in places that are not right for you.