It’s only yours

When you set out to do what matters to you, the world might not be eager to embrace what you are trying to do. Close the door on the world and get to work. In the beginning, you have only yourself as a guide. To keep the little motivation you have, you must block all outside voices, good or bad.

The path you need to follow from the idea in your mind to something real is only for you. Nobody else can do the work in your place, but they can distract you from it, even if they don’t want to. When you are trying to accomplish something different, people’s first reaction will be to discourage you. This is not because they have something against you, but rather because they are afraid of the possible disruption in their lives.

Your unique view on things is important, even if it’s not received as such. That is why you must not become discouraged when things don’t go according to plan. If you feel in your whole being that what you are doing is important, then you need to push through any obstacle that comes your way.

When the reason is clear, there will be nothing that can stop you from going the distance from dream to reality. Well… except you. You can always give up, but even so, you will never go back to when this thing you hold inside your mind was something unknown.

The only real choice you have is to keep moving on this path that is slowly revealed to you. No matter how painful it is, it will always hurt less than the pain of regret. You never know how something will turn out, not before you go through it. This will not stop your mind from coming up with scenarios that are based on nothing but your imagination.

The scenarios created in your mind have no value in the real world, but for you, they become real if you hold on to them for too long. None of your scenarios are useful if they are not connected to reality, that is why the stories you tell yourself need to have a first layer based on reality, and a second layer built upon that. You create new layers only if you get new data.

When you create layers over layers of stories in your mind, they tend to lose connection to reality, and you come to believe that all those stories you have created make up the only world that exists.

Facing reality might be frightening but it’s the way life is supposed to be lived. The need for guidance will always be present, and the mind will always try to protect us, at least that is what it thinks it does. In truth, when afraid, the mind becomes overprotective, and it stops you from experiencing everything that life has to offer.

You are the one in control. Always. If you are committed to doing something, no amount of fear will ever be able to stop you. The only one that can stop your evolution is you. No matter where you try to put the blame, the responsibility of decision is always yours. Decide on the first two steps, and get going. Your life is beyond the fear that is keeping you still.