Love is love

Life is always full of moments that you are not aware of. With experience, you will learn to better understand the amount of something that can benefit you, and how just a little bit more can harm you.

Let’s consider self love. If it is too much it turns into narcissism, and you make everything about yourself, with no regard for anyone else. In just the right amount, self love turns into self respect, self confidence, self worth, and you won’t need others to be smaller so you can look bigger.

Love can also do harm when it’s misunderstood. When you love someone, it doesn’t mean they need to give love, regardless of how it is received. Too much love turns into obsession, and too little will only fade away. The right amount of love or self love is something that you need to identify on your own, but to do that you need to live life without fear, and use your mistakes to learn.

Throughout life, your perception of love will change, but there’s no guarantee that it will change for the better. If you have the misfortune to be hurt in love, don’t let that be the only way you see love. It is a lot more than a single experience that proved to be wrong for you.

Not all people know how to love or how to be loved, and they are not necessarily at fault for this. But unless we change how we perceive love during our lives, it will always feel like the first time we meet it, and if it was wrong, we’ll repeat it in a loop.

Some people receive a lot less love than they deserve, and others don’t know to appreciate the love they receive. The world is full of love, even if it doesn’t look like it, but to be able to feel it, you need to let love in. For some people, the hardest thing to do is to accept that they can be loved.

They have convinced themselves that what might be wrong with them makes them unworthy of love. Love doesn’t work like that. Love is infinite, but the amount you let yourself experience depends on how you judge yourself. What is keeping you from experiencing love is false. It is a mixture of guilt and fear, and many things that you believe about yourself.

As long as you block out the ones that try to find who you are inside, nothing will change for the better. There can’t be true love without being vulnerable, and this is the most frightening part because it requires you to show someone all that you kept hidden.

You got used to picking and choosing the parts that you present to the world, in the hope that people will like and appreciate you. Is it really worth it if they like you for something that you are not? Wouldn’t it be better for everyone involved if every interaction you have could be authentic if you showed the real you in all circumstances?

Love is love, it does not try to be something else. For it to make its way into your life you need to stop trying to be someone else.