Motivation, where is it?

Where did my motivation go? I’ve been trying to find it for some time now, but I could only find small amounts. Tying my motivation to the results is not the best way to go, but it’s hard to force progress on will alone, especially when results don’t show up as expected.

What if that’s the only way I know? What’s left for me to do now? I don’t want to stop because this is what I’m meant to do, but I need a little incentive. I need some signs that what I’m doing is good for the world, but also good for me.

My willingness to still put in the work every day comes from the fact that I believe I can help people who went through the same things I did. We can get better together, me through writing down my thoughts, and them through reading the words that can make them understand the way they feel. Being of service is the only motivation I have left, and for now, it will have to do.

I don’t know if it’s right, but I’m trying to get some material benefits from the words coming out of my mind. The responsibility I have to my family requires that I turn passion into money, at a certain point. So, I find myself in front of a difficult choice.

Do I follow the gold trail, and forget who I am, or keep to what I’m doing, hoping that my words will find the right people to make a difference? In my heart, the only chance is to stick to the way I do things and trust that tangible results will show up soon enough.

My mind went to work on what should be the thing that can define my family’s future. I don’t want to put that much importance on it, but I need to act on something. Something that can improve all aspects of our lives.

I’ve always dreamed of doing many things, but when comes to doing I am not as efficient. I have forgotten many of my dreams, even some of the ones that were important to me.

The person I am now is different from the person I was only a few years ago, so some of my dreams I have willingly let go because they were no longer right for me. With them, I’ve also lost dreams that I wanted to pursue, only because I was afraid to act, or I took too long to think about them.

Dreams are sent to awaken in us those desires that can change the lives of everyone they touch, but they are useless if we never bring them into the world. When I look into my future I can see how better my life could be, but nothing will ever improve if I am not willing to take action on the things that can move me from here to there.

Action is often more important than the results of the action because even a bad result can help you make progress. Successes and failures are there only to make you learn and improve your performance so that every next time you go after your dreams you get closer and closer until you finally reach them.

All you have to do is act, learn, repeat. Ah… and never give up on what matters to you.