You are not late

How can you bring value into the world? How can you even know if what you are doing has any value? The short answer is, you don’t know, but if it feels right to you, there is no other choice than to pursue it.

You have spent a long time searching for what you were meant to be doing, but you are just as confused as when you started. What if doing something of your own choice is more important than doing that one thing that is meant for you?

Action is the most important thing in life. It doesn’t even matter if it returns an unwanted result. Action is the only thing that can move you from here to there. No amount of thinking will be able to do that. When you act, you accept the movement of life, rather than shy away from it. In doing so, life also embraces you and supports your transformation.

Most of us are afraid to act on what is important to us because action tends to be met with opposition. The opposition is there to make sure you are transformed into someone that can face what comes after the action. Every action has consequences.

Some of them, you will be able to predict, and some will reveal themselves only after you act. Either way, you always need to make the best of them. Now it’s time for you to decide on what comes next for you. Do you keep working in the dark, afraid to put your work out there, or are you ready to shine a light on what you do, and bring value to people through the work you do?

You are never late. You are exactly on time. Every second you are where you need to be. You don’t need to agree with what I’m saying, but you must understand that it’s a lot better to believe you are where you need to be, and the time is just right.

This perspective allows you to give up searching for the right moment. In doing so you also give up the discomfort of being out of sync with how you imagined life. When you consider the present moment as the only thing that exists, and you feel that is where you need to be, it opens the future to infinite possibilities, with no restrictions from the past.

The moments that created this path you followed become visible only when you look back, but I am asking you to consider every single moment as being able to define the path. When you embrace the fact that here and now are what you need, you cut out the possibility that this moment turns into regret.

The present is what it is. Sometimes you like it and sometimes you don’t, but when you consider that it works for you all the time, it gives you trust for the next step. Use this moment as the base for the next one, and keep doing it like this forever. By seeing every moment as right, your trust that the good things to come will only increase with time.

Go live the life that you want, and trust that you are exactly where you need to be and that the time is just right for you to take your next step.