Aimless wandering

Can aimless wandering take you to where you need to go? It depends on the reason why you are wandering because, if you are running from something, you never know where you might end up. When you are searching for something, wandering aimlessly might be just what you need.

When you have a general destination in mind, with no restrictive guidelines, what you’ll discover might be different from what you’re expecting, but more useful. Everyone is judging you for not having a clear direction in life, and you should be judged if you believe that what you are living right now is all there is.

You are allowed to not know what to do next, but you are not allowed to do nothing, only because you are afraid that things will change. Life is a perpetual change, and for as long as you are alive you will need to change too. If you won’t do it willingly, change will be forced upon you.

This starts from the moment that you are born, and leave the comfort of the womb being forced to take the first breath of air, and goes on until you are forced to take the last breath of air and leave this world.

While you are alive, you will always be moving, and every step you take is temporary, even the ones that don’t seem so. Embrace the change, and make the best of it. This is the only way that can eliminate a lot of stress from your life.

Why do you keep on running? Haven’t you figured out that problems can’t be outrun? What are you trying to move away from is connected to you, so, everywhere you go, your baggage comes too.

Until you face what scares you, no amount of running will ever make you feel safe. All those ugly issues, that you keep ignoring, are not going away on their own. Even worst, they keep growing until they find a moment to pop up again, bigger than before.

When this happens, you might be tired from all the running, so your chances to stand against them will be less than the first time they showed up. You will never be fully prepared to face what comes in your life, but this is no reason to run. The purpose is to move forward, even when what is in front of you is frightening.

Start by putting one foot in front of the other. You are strong enough to face this now, strong enough to not let it stop you forever. When enough time has passed, you will be able to look back at the progress you’ve made, wondering what seemed so hard when you started.

Life is a winding road. Some of the curves are easy and some are hard, but if you pay attention and trust yourself, there is nothing stopping you from reaching the destination. Some distances are easy to cover, and you’ll make good progress, others are harder to cover, and your progress will be hardly noticeable.

The only certainty is that if you stop, you’ll never reach your destination.