So, you don’t know

None of us know what we’re doing, so stop comparing yourself to anyone else. Whatever problem you’re faced with, it’s natural to not know what you’re doing when you’re just getting started. The only choice you have is to do something, and that is for the best.

If it proves that you were wrong, it’s time to turn around and try again. Or maybe you’re thinking of giving up, but that won’t help you. You are supposed to learn from your failures, not be frozen by them. Once you learn enough, what was hard becomes easier. Now it’s time to find a new thing you can’t do.

True confidence in doing something comes from knowing that you will be alright even if things don’t come out as expected. You develop this kind of confidence by taking on many things that you don’t know how to do.

Right now, what you are trying to do is frightening, and it’s going to feel this way until you are able to step on your fear and start moving. Your movement is the secret to any kind of success you will achieve in life. At times you’ll be forced to move slowly, or even backward, but you are strong enough to make progress.

What your life will amount to has nothing to do with what other people think about you or how they go about things, but it has everything to do with how you do things, and what you think about yourself. Start on this even if you don’t know how to do it. You will find a way that works for you.

There will be times when you’ll have nothing to say, and that’s fine because you don’t know everything. When you have something to say about everything, it means you don’t really care about everything, you just look for attention. If your only purpose is to be always the center of attention, you will sacrifice things that you really need to get it.

It is impossible to find out who you are if your focus goes on each fading subject because you think this is something you should pursue, just because everybody else does it. The only attention that matters is yours, and from time to time it must turn inwards. Inside you will find what is important to you, and what you should stand for.

Once you become clear on your identity, the need to go with the crowd won’t be stronger than your own beliefs. Your values will be the anchor that can keep you safe while the storm tries to throw you around. In your life, there will be many storms that you will need to face, and without a compass, there is no saying where you might end up.

Your destination is different than anyone else’s, and so is the way that you can reach it. To make sure you end up in a place that is good for you, learn what matters for you, and don’t be afraid to go against the current.