How are you?

How do you feel about where you are right now? Is it a place where you want to stay, or maybe you want to run away? It’s about time for you to make an assessment of the situation you find yourself in. This way you can decide if it is good for you or if you need to change it.

If you find out that where you are now is no longer any good for you, even if scary, change is the only choice you have. Staying where you are now is bad for you. Even if you become comfortable with it, it does not mean that it does not hurt you.

You’ve been in this situation for such a long time that you no longer believe there can be something else. In truth, you are only afraid to let go of what you know, even if it’s bad, and embrace the unknown. How will your life be from now on is not decided.

You have the freedom to choose what the next day might bring, but be aware that you can’t receive the new if you don’t give up the old. You can even choose to not change, but you need to understand that in this case, you are not allowed to complain anymore. If you are not willing to do something about it, then you have no right to complain.

Decide on what is good in this situation, and keep it. Discard the rest, and make room for something new. Repeat this from time to time. You can never move forward and stay still at the same time.

Don’t make this bigger than it is. It will do you no good. And stop running from the things you should face. When you look them in the face, problems are not that scary anymore. By trying to avoid them, they grow inside your mind until they seem insurmountable.

Nothing is meant to be in your life forever, but things won’t change until you assume responsibility for where you are, and take action. By taking action you prove to yourself that is possible to escape the problems that keep you stuck. They won’t go away on their own, but you will take them apart bit by bit.

Your problems seem frightening because you look at them from far away, and what you can’t see, the mind fills with things that are scarier than reality. Look closer, search for things you can do that improve the situation. Approach this as a puzzle that you need to solve, rather than an avalanche you need to outrun.

Some things will be easy to figure out, but others will require you to face the parts of you that you’ve been running from.

Don’t run again. This time, stand your ground. You’ll find out that all that you are can be useful. Every part of you is able to do different things, and this comes in handy when trying to solve problems.

Take another look. Does it seem as big as you remember? Probably not. Now it’s time to get to work. Start somewhere, and keep going until you don’t know what to do anymore. Then, take a step back, and change direction.

If you can’t go through go around it, go under it. You’ll find a way, as long as you don’t freeze up.