Sit with yourself

When you sit with yourself, there is something lurking in the dark corners of your mind. Thoughts that you don’t recognize start coming forward. You don’t need to be afraid, but you need to pay attention to what they are trying to say because there must be a reason why they are coming at you now.

What have you been trying to keep hidden? What is it that you don’t want the world to see? All those parts of you that you couldn’t accept, found a place in your mind where they could exist, and they mashed together into something that looks like a monster.

There is no monster here, it’s still you. You don’t want to accept it, but if you look close enough you’ll see the truth. No matter how far you try to run, you can never outrun yourself. Your thoughts are always going to be with you. The ones that frighten you will only become scarier the longer you try to push them aside.

The monster that speaks to you about things you don’t want to talk about, needs to become your friend. You and the monster are two parts of the same being, and it’s impossible to feel whole without accepting both parts as yours.

Question every thought that comes into your mind, and don’t accept it without understanding where it comes from and why it’s true. Look at its light and dark side, only in doing so you can understand it completely, and make the best of it.

As much as you need to be alone sometimes, it’s a scary place to be if you are not prepared. When you are alone there is no one to distract you from your thoughts, and you might find that what they are saying is not so nice. Regardless of how much it hurts you need to listen to how you’re talking to yourself because it is the first step in correcting your inner dialog.

When the world is far away, and you are in the silence of your room, your mind will try to fill the silence with all kinds of thoughts. Your job is to go through them, one by one, understand what each of them is saying, and try to find the reason they were created for.

There is no need to be afraid of what your mind is telling you because everything in there is your creation. You accepted as true the hush things that were told to you, so it’s on you to turn them into something useful.

When it happens regularly, time alone can become the best medicine for coping with a world that is overwhelming us with information. When alone, you can sort through all that your mind accumulated and hand pick the thoughts that are good for you. d

Like many things in this life, being alone can be good in moderate amounts because it can clear your mind from the clutter. Being alone must never become the purpose in itself. It only provides you the space to reconnect with yourself and the world in a way that is better for you.