We go out of our way to be what we believe everyone is expecting from us, and we forget to ask the most important question. What do we want to be?

Many of us have never asked this question from ourselves, or worst, we gave up on finding an answer. This is a sure way to lose who we are.

The world is full of lost people that aren’t even aware they are lost. It is a pity because we could all benefit from what they have to offer, but instead, their gifts go wasted.

We all need to find out more about ourselves and uncover the person hiding inside. By doing this we heal our souls and we heal the world. This world is in dire need of healing.

When dreams come knocking on our door many of us run and hide. After the moment passed, we come out and complain about how nothing falls in place for us.

We are not allowed to complain about the way our life is evolving unless we understand that we are responsible for what happened.

Until we take time to analyze the way we do things, why we do them and how they make us feel we will always give up control.

Those dreams knocking on our door need to be met with joy and faith because each of them has the potential to transform our life for the better. If we don’t pay attention to these opportunities or hide from them, we will end up in places we don’t want to be, living lives that are not our own.

What if all that I know how to do is complain?

I trust my life is evolving in the right direction. I am certain about this, but I find myself in a moment where patience has run out and everything is crashing down on me.

I used to think I’m a mentally strong person. I don’t know anymore. Every action requires more energy than it should and my supply is depleting.

By now dark clouds are gathering above and monsters flock below and all I can do is stay put until I am able to find a way out from this mess. I hope I am still human by the time I’ll be able to escape.