No trade offs

Is it mandatory for me to accept this trade of everybody is talking about? Do I need to give up on my principles and beliefs, so I can reach my dreams? I do not want to believe this.

I understand that on my road from an idea in my head to something real transformation is a must, but this does not mean that the core of who I am needs to change.

The single, most important reason I started to pursue this dream is that it is important to me as I am now, it is speaking to my inner child, and it aligns with what I believe deep inside. If I allow the temptations I meet on the way to change me, doesn’t this take me further away from my destination?

Whoever started to pursue an idea that turned into a dream knows that a certain amount of craziness is required. Otherwise, it is difficult to keep the destination in mind when it seems you make no progress. When you feel that something is calling you, explore that, give it time to grow, and be patient.

You always have a say in who you become, and this means your dreams are yours to fulfill or to abandon. The one thing that can help you is a healthy obsession. An obsession that will keep you on the right track when everyone and everything will try to push you off track.

Whatever you are pursuing in your life, always remember that is important to you. The only opinion that matters is yours. Don’t turn down feedback, but pick only the constructive bits.

When is the right time to do something about your dreams? There is no right time for anything in life, so, the best moment to start working on your dreams is right now. Make the first move, and trust that you will figure out what you need to do next. You’ve been doing it like this your life, without even realizing it.

“You are the right person for what needs to be done.” This statement might not be true right now, but there is nothing stopping you from working to become that person. The distance between who you are now and the person you are meant to become is filled with the result of your choices, choices that you must make. Please take into account that no choice is still a choice.

Nobody has a universal template for a good life, but this will not stop people from trying to sell it to you. Because you don’t know how to make progress in life, you might be tempted to buy what they are selling.

You should always be the one to know better what you need, but that means you took time to find out who you are. If not, you might be surprised by who comes forward in difficult times.

The one way that always works is to use what you have right now, and do what you know with that so that it gets you closer to what you need. Once done, you reevaluate, and then repeat. The results will not always match your expectations, but you will come out improved.