No moment is permanent

How did you get here, to this moment? Does it look and feel as you imagined, or is it some kind of a surprise? By now, it doesn’t matter anymore. All that has happened is already in the past. The only value for you are the lessons, that is if you learned them.

In the present, you must consider the past is set in stone, nothing can be changed there. So, the future starts with what you have available. You can wish for more, you can pray for better circumstances, you can even ask the past to change, but nothing will work except starting from what you have in your life and building towards the future you desire.

The building part is a lot more work than you imagine, and must not be confused with planning to do the work. In the future you are building, you have a chance to obtain everything that you desire, but you must understand that the process will ask something in return from you.

Discipline, consistency, and energy are only some of the abilities that are required to keep your focus on what you are building when everything else seems to crumble around you. To get started on the future you envisioned, hard work is needed.

In the beginning, you will need to keep working with small to no material rewards, and only your beliefs are going to keep you from giving up. Push through this period for as long as it is necessary, learn the lessons, and become the person who can achieve the dreams you imagined.

We are all trying to find our way in a confusing world, but there is no sure way to know what that is. When you are thrown into this world, you are empty of any knowledge. With your first breath, you start learning, and ideally, you don’t stop until you are dead.

Every choice that you make influences the lessons you get to learn. If it’s a good or bad choice will be revealed further down the way. How life will unfold for you is not fixed, you influence it with all that you do.

You will not know in what way your actions change the road ahead, but you still need to take action because it is the only thing that can help you make progress.

Each step you take will be unsure in the beginning, you will make mistakes, and more than once you will be tempted to give up. With every trial, you will gain confidence and experience. This means your results will get better with time. After enough time you will become someone you had no idea you could be.

So, child, do whatever you want, try as many things as you want, change your mind as many times as necessary, but give yourself enough time to find out what is right for you.

You don’t need to do the same thing all your life, but you need to do something. Don’t limit yourself by thinking that you can be only one thing. Every human is more than one thing. We are complex beings, but through our own choices and thinking, we reduce ourselves so that the mind can understand.

You are only as limited as your imagination, and imagination itself is boundless.