Where mind and reality meet

Your life is defined as the intersection of your mind with reality, and this is both a blessing and a curse.

It’s a curse because first, the reality dictates what is going on in your mind, and then, your mind influences what you see in reality. The blessings come from becoming aware this is happening, and that by introducing new, better, thoughts in your mind, the reality you experience can be transformed.

When talking about life it is impossible to talk only about the real side of it or only about the side residing in your mind.  Both sides exist at the same time, and they feed on each other.

This means that what passes from reality to the mind is important, and it needs to be chosen. Once inside it becomes an idea, then a thought, and then it can grow into something that changes your reality.

In everyday life, we do so many things on autopilot, not being aware of what it’s allowed inside our minds. This is necessary because the amount of data we are faced with is immense, but some of the data needs to be seen consciously and nurtured into a reality creating thought.

This continuous loop between what you think and who you are is your life. It does not matter if you are aware of it, if you like it or not, if you know how to use it or not. In each moment of your existence, you have the chance to improve the outcome, your life, by influencing the loop through what you chose to add to it. Don’t waste time.

Every human is a beacon that attracts energy from the universe. The energy you attract is the same as the energy you put out into the world. It has nothing to with how you present yourself, but it has everything to do with who you are when there’s nobody looking.

The results you will obtain are only as good as the energy you let in, that’s why is important to pay attention to what you are doing and what you are saying. Once you become aware of the kind of energy you put out, you can understand the results you’ve been getting.

In terms of life energy, everything is free. You receive as much as you can accept, but what you accept is connected to the energy state you are in. This does not mean that you should always be positive and smiling, but rather that you should take life for what it is, and not what you would like it to be. In doing so, you will start to focus on what is good and beautiful, instead of focusing on what is lacking from the world, compared to you’re expectations.

When you focus on the lack, your life experience will be lacking, you restrict something that is infinite to only what you can accept. Why do that when you can be part of the energy that can make the world better? Bring value to everyone and everything you are part of, it will change your life.