Don’t grow up

Life looks nothing like it looked only a few decades ago. Everything is moving faster than we can understand, making it hard for us to make sense of the world. This increasing speed in all that we experience has tricked us into believing that we can enjoy the results before putting in the work.

To obtain any achievement, transformation is unavoidable. This transformation is proportional to what you want to accomplish and more importantly, it takes time. When we fail to understand that there is a time consuming process for every step we want to make, we start looking for shortcuts.

In life, shortcuts usually come with a price. There is some compromise required, to go that way. So, in a sense, transformation is involved, but in a direction that doesn’t help you. Some things in life are supposed to be hard, that is how you know they are important. At least a few of them are unavoidable if you want to get unstuck.

Every person gets stuck at some time, be it in a relationship, a job, or any aspect of life. When this happens, all that we want is to escape. The way might seem unimportant, as long as it allows us to escape. Unfortunately, some escape routes, mainly the ones with little to no work involved, lead to worst places than the ones you tried to escape in the first place.

Patience and perseverance are the only sure way out of any bad place. Find a destination that is important to you and don’t stop moving until you get there, no matter how long it takes or how long you have to work for it.

None of us really grows up. We only learn that responsibilities can’t be avoided. When we first start learning about the world, we leave nothing out. Everything is important.

As we get older, we are not as open to life as we used to be. More and more things frighten us, so we block them out. Our thoughts are less and less free until the person in the mirror is hard to recognize.

To become an adult does not mean to forget being a child, it only means that you understand that you need to work for the things you want. Your life will not be as carefree as when you were a child, but this is no reason to stop living.

For a better life experience, you need to be connected with the child part of you. Even if he has a naive understanding of the world, he has a better connection with what life means.

Each of us has a different view of life. This was shaped by every decision we made, big or small, knowingly or not. The view on life that we hold is a result of every part of our being. All the thoughts in our minds create responses for everything.

A logical response to life can prove useful most time, but sometimes, a more childish reaction is a better fit. As an adult, you must learn to decide when to use one and when to use the other. Never completely cut out any of them.