See what is real

Many of us tend to easily forget the good things but have no problem holding on to the bad ones. I don’t know if this approach is written into our being, I don’t believe so. It’s rather the effect of living in a world where, in order to survive, you need to always be aware of what can do you harm.

After focusing on the fears for too long, you forget to notice what is good. The view you hold of the world now is flawed, and only you can change it so that it better reflects reality, and it better serves you.

What you notice in the outside world is a direct effect of the world you have created inside your mind. So, though you can’t reshape reality to match your wishes, you can always change what you let enter your mind.

Even if you are not aware, you are building the world inside your mind, day by day. You need to focus on the things you want, rather than on trying to avoid the things you don’t want. In doing so you will gain confidence and hope. In today’s world, these two are priceless.

None of your choices are unimportant. Every one of them matters. They dictate your development as a human being. The sooner you become aware of the importance of your decisions, the easier it will be for you to find a path to call yours.

Courage is needed for you to be able to meet life with the certainty that you will give it your best at all times, and be fine with the results, even when they prove not to be good enough.

There’s only so much you can delay things before they come crumbling on top of you. What is it to do when you are not able to manage all things coming your way?

The first thing is to accept that you can’t do everything. The second is to put your best effort into what you can do so that you are happy with the result. The third step is learning to let go.

When you are able to say that you did your best and know it to be true, there’s nothing that can knock you off balance. Knowing who you are and what you can do is a good starting point for developing the ability to correctly assess situations.

Reading the situation in front of you for what it is, will make clear what you can, and can’t do about it. This differentiation is essential for your mental, and even physical health. Seeing things as they are will improve your efficiency because you will no longer waste energy on things that are out of your control.

The obstacles on your path will not be the same every time. This means you will not know how to overcome them at first. Allow yourself the time to learn how to go past them, and in the process learn something new about yourself.

What you learn about yourself is more important than the pain you endure to get past what was stopping you.