The good and bad of loneliness

Loneliness, like everything else, can be good or bad. It’s good when it allows you to take a break from the busy world and reconnect with who you are. Being alone will also make you aware of the thoughts going through your mind. This provides insight into what motivates, and what is holding you back.

When there’s no one but you around, it becomes easier to reconnect to nature, to feel that you are part of something bigger than yourself. It becomes easier to just experience things, with no expectations.

At the same time, loneliness can become harmful when it’s overdone. Too much time with only your thoughts can be more frightening than any monster could ever be.

As we all know, the way you think about yourself is not always pretty, regardless of the image you show to the world. If you are left alone for too long, and the ill thoughts take center stage, the darkness they create will draw you in using nothing but lies.

No excess is good for you, and loneliness makes no exception. Everything that you experience in life will have a light and dark side to it. This is the nature of life. It is up to you to learn from every experience so that it serves you in times of confusion.

All the choices in your life are yours and you are the one who will suffer the consequences, even when you think you’ve escaped them. You can’t escape who you are.

Being alone can be beneficial, but when overdone, like anything else, it starts to create problems. For a mind that is not habituated to it, being alone can become frightening after some time. After the initial period of relaxation through loneliness, new voices will start to speak in your mind.

Most of them will be unfamiliar to you, some of them you probably never heard before, but now, all of them come forth at once, asking for your attention. Don’t run, these are only the parts you kept hidden. It is time to acknowledge them and start to know who you are.

Try to listen to each of the voices because they will make some valid points, but never listen to only one of them because it might trick you into believing it’s the only one. You are the result of all, and each of, the characters that made a home inside your mind. None of them should gain full control because then you start losing yourself.

Learn to be alone, for short periods of time, at first. Once the voice settles down, you can identify each character, and get to know them. This step is important because this is how you get to know yourself.

What you will find out through these inner explorations will not always be pleasant, but you’ll have to accept that is still you. In a strange way, being alone, with only your mind, will make you feel less lonely.