Head in the clouds

Head in the clouds and feet on the ground, this is the perfect attitude for life. For many of us, this is frightening because having your head in the clouds means that you are a dreamer.

Having dreams is unsettling for people because it takes them out from their “normal”. When people don’t have the courage to follow an unsure path, they end up stopping others from doing it also.

It is not right to cut someone’s wings just because you are afraid to use yours. Instead, your experience can help others to find their courage. Your failure to fly does not have to keep you trapped forever. You escape it only when you can take some good from it.

The mind is constantly creating, and thoughts come at you in an attempt to become real. The powerful ones will provide enough energy for you to take action.

Dreams are important. They give purpose and hope to life, but they must not be mistaken for life itself. No matter how many dreams a person has, none becomes real without action. This is where the “keeping your feet on the ground” part comes in.

Don’t put limits on your dreams, and don’t let others do that either, but make sure that you take into account reality. Use dreams as beacons, but be ready to adjust course along the way. The person that starts the journey is not the same as the one reaching the destination.

All that you dream has no way to come into reality except through you, through your actions. When you become aware of this, you understand that you are the only one responsible to materialize the dreams you hold inside. No one else has the same dreams, and yours can be brought into the world only by you.

The road from dream to the real thing is not an easy one, and many times along the way it might look like a dead end. This is not meant to make you give up, but rather to test your commitment to your dream. The obstacles in your way will sometimes be so big that you will want to turn back.

To reach your dream, there is no other way than forward. To move forward is the only instruction you need. You must use everything you have to find a way to go through, around, or over anything that stands in your way. Your actions will not always be right, and your path will not always be clear, but this does not mean you have to stop.

Everything that you experience, good or bad, is meant to transform you into the person that can achieve the dream. There is a price to pay for everything in life, but the price is never presented upfront. It becomes known only when it’s only too late to refuse it.

Pay attention to what is in front of you, but keep in mind where you need to go. Trust your dream even when reality doesn’t match your vision.