Do what needs to be done

I’m here. Now what? What am I supposed to do?

The most frequent answer that comes up is “do what needs to be done”. This is not satisfactory because it leaves me as confused as ever. I guess I’ll take on the world and do what needs to be done, even if most of the time I have no idea what that is.

Going about life in this way has good parts also. My evolution is not restricted to a fixed perspective. I am allowed to make my own decisions and my own mistakes. This, in turn, lets me learn the lessons, even forces me to learn them.

I am aware that growth does not happen in comfort. That is why I try to take obstacles head on. Most times, this means I’m going to have a hard time, but while I’m able to keep my mind on what is the next step, I know I’ll manage.

All the painful struggles that I’ve gone through until now if, given the choice, I would refuse them in an instant. By now, I understand that everything that I’ve experienced had its purpose. Each event has tested me in order to teach me something or to prepare me for the next challenge coming my way.

Every person has its share of difficulties to deal with in life. For some, the share is bigger than for others. This is why it’s hard to believe that struggling can be good for you. If you understand that life will never be linear or predictable then you might start to appreciate experiences that can better prepare you for the future.

If you always avoid what is difficult, it might work for a while, and you’ll feel good. Further along the way, when your luck will run out, and you are forced to face the storm, you will be blown away. This happens because you went and hid from every little gust of wind.

Try to embrace difficulties when they come your way, and build your resilience step by step. It will allow you to not only survive but to thrive from them.

Life has a certain flow that many of us are not aware of. We go about our day, setting tasks and goals, disregarding the energy around us.

At times, I’ve found myself in a state of complete ignorance. When going after something that I considered important, my focus narrowed until I could only see the thing I was chasing.

Life is a lot more than what we are able to see and understand, and it has no consideration for our plans. In my time alive, I have learned that some things will never come true, no matter how much you push.

If you open your mind and your soul, you might see the hints that what you are trying to do is against the flow. Your intuition won’t always be right, but when it is, good things will happen.

As children, we are all in tune with the energy of life. We need no explanation for why things are the way they are. When we grow up, we start to believe that we know better, that we can control everything. Life was given to us not to control, but rather to experience and to learn.

We don’t seem able to learn from our mistakes, and we keep repeating them until it’s too late to fix anything. We are no longer connected to anyone and anything.

No person has all the answers, and no person has all the abilities. This is why we need to work together in a way that respects and enriches life.