The benefits are in the process

Right now, in this instant, every one of us is perfect. Many of us are not aware of this, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Every person is perfect if you take away all the fears, limiting beliefs, dark thoughts, and whatever thing they used to turn themselves into twisted replicas of who they are.

The person that resides under all you chose to throw on top of it, is still there. In order to bring it into the light, it is necessary for you to give up most of what you grew to believe is who you are.

You have only one guide on this journey, and that is the energy you finish with, compared to the energy you started with. All things that are good for you will recharge your soul, even when you are physically spent.

Perfection might not be the best way to describe what I’m talking about. All people are complete and whole, but we were led to believe we need to chase perfection. This is a losing battle because you are looking outside for something that resides inside yourself.

Maybe, for you to be all that you can be, you don’t need to find the pieces of you that are scattered into the world, but rather to peal away the wrong beliefs, and lies you have told yourself. You will always be enough for the people that care for you, but this will not matter until you are enough for yourself. So, peal away the unnecessary until only you are left.

It is hard to reconcile the image you hold of yourself with the one you show to the world. There are a lot of thoughts going through your mind, and each of them has an impact on that image you hold. It is not an easy thing to sort them out, especially when you are not clear on who you really are.

The mind is stubborn, and it doesn’t like new things. This is why every new activity is so hard to take on. Change is something that we are searching for, but we are not willing to change. We only want the benefits, without going through the necessary transformation.

What seems to work for me is to introduce new things in my life in small amounts, and change my ways little by little. I have to, somehow, fool myself into accepting the changes, even when I know that they are good for me.

Small and consistent steps are a sure way to achieve anything you want in this life. There will be nothing glamorous about your achievements, but they will be a lot harder to break down.

We have focused on the goal for too long, and we failed to see that the journey has brought most of the benefits and the lessons. I am aware that they do not look like this when you’re in the middle of them, but what you want has a price.

There is a price for everything in life, and it always needs to be paid. By making progress in small increments you spread out the debt payment and you diminish the risk.