Away from the world

Let’s see if I still know how to do this because I had to take a break from life for the last two weeks. It’s strange how events, seemingly insignificant, can transform life dramatically, forcing you to reassess all that you consider important.

When your health comes into focus, it should be enough to make you pay attention, but you only pay attention when life is in the balance.  Fear of death is a constant presence these days, but the good part is that it forces each of us to reconsider what is important in our lives.

Staying away from friends and family is something that we reluctantly did because, even if we don’t admit it, human contact is part of who we are. Maybe more than the fear of death, the fear of being alone has done more damage because it forced each of us to face the demons inside.

This is not a bad thing, even if it’s scary because it allows you to make peace with all the parts that you didn’t want to acknowledge as yours.  It is important to understand that all parts of you create the person you are. The good and the bad come together to create a unique person.

The sooner you accept that the ugly parts are still yours, the sooner you will find the courage to show yourself to the world. This world is in need of people that are not afraid of being themselves because they bring new things to the table.  

Each person has a gift that needs to be brought into the world, but many of us lack the courage to open up. The flame of your life will be only as bright as you allow it to be. So, please light as many lives as you can. You are meant to be the light in someone’s life. Please don’t waste away in the dark.