Be prepared to adapt

Nothing can protect you from things you are meant to experience. This does not mean you should go through life with no preparation at all, but rather that you always need to be prepared to adapt.

No situation in life is fixed, but sometimes it sure does seem so. Where you are now can be changed, this is a fact, but it will take courage and effort. Moving into the unknown is always frightening, but none of us was made to stay the same for our entire life.

A better situation might not look so much better in the beginning. This happens because we see it through how our current situation shaped our perception. We’ve been living in the old way for so long that we are no longer able to see the truth in the new way.

Changes in life are wanted and unwanted, but the changes that we long for are not always what is good for us. When you are forced to change, it usually hurts. Sometimes it hurts more than you think you are capable to endure.

If you hold your ground, you will become better each day at turning the pain into something useful. When you do this for long enough, there will be no pain left, only a stronger you that is better prepared to take on the world.

We instinctively refuse change, but at the same time, we want to be someone else. You can not be the one that you are now and at the same time be the one you dream yourself to be. You either stay like you are, and this might seem easier, or you put in the work to become the person you want to be.

In the long term, the pain you felt on this path of transformation will be forgotten and only the results will be left. On the other hand, staying the same will transform apparent comfort into pain, and the pain will increase day by day until it will seem unbearable.

Life is always about choice, so choose. Do you face the pain of transformation or the pain of regret for not making the leap?