Don’t get stuck at the crossroads

Crossroads, you will meet many in your life. Some are more important than others. The trick is that you will not know which ones are important beforehand. Choosing what direction to go is what is requested of you constantly, but in order to know which way to go, you need to have an idea what is your destination.

Many times in life we end up in places that are not good for us only because we had no clear destination from the start. Out of fear, or the need to fit in, we mimicked other people’s choices, without analyzing if they were good for us.

I believe we all want our path in life to be straightforward, but the reality is never that simple. Getting from one point to another implies you will make some unexpected stops on the way, and you will be forced to take some unwanted detours, and this is when the destination is clear in your mind.

Life is set in such a way that everyone starts with a chance to live their dreams, with the condition to become the person that can turn those dreams into reality. Not many of us are willing to do this because it means we need to give up parts of us we got attached to.

To make things easier, we must look for clarity inside the mind, because a clear mind will be the best asset in any situation. And if the mind is not clear enough, trust your heart.

I feel numb, and my perception of the world is slowed down. I view everything through a blurred lens. Finding my way through the misty landscape in front of me is taking its toll on me. All I can count on is what I manage to distinguish from what is in my line of sight.

Not having enough information about the world I move through, makes it hard to make good decisions. The worst part is that I start breathing in the mist, and my view of the world changes to something that is not mine.

My guidance, for now, is turning inside, and trusting my intuition. I hope it will be enough so I can find a path to safety. The last time I was in this situation, I have moved past it by using what was available and being certain it will work out for the best.

In truth, I never know what will be, I just work with what is, and based on that, try to predict aspects of the future. There is no guarantee that my predictions are correct, but they provide something to work with. They allow me to make progress.

My view of the future is built on what I know and what I have available at the current moment. The next time I think of the future, my circumstances might have changed, so my view needs to be adjusted. Constantly adjusting how I see the future, and the world, allows me to make better decisions. Decisions that need not be biased by my old views.