Trust in the best outcome

It seems that all I want to say I’ve already said. I wonder if my words are able to do any good.

In the morning, when I start lying them down I feel they, at least, help me. Many times they allow me to clear the board and make room for the day in front of me.

There are some days, like this, when I am lost and I try to find my way back with each word I put on the page. It’s a tedious process because my words don’t always take me straight home. Instead, they force me to visit places I tried to stay away from.

I move through time with the belief that we are all important, even if we ourselves are not able to see that. My words provide support for my beliefs when the world tries to push me into a corner. The only reason I’ve let these words out of my head is because I believe they can help people in the same way they helped me.

After many years of constantly questioning where am I going, I have come to trust my path, even when I don’t understand it. It might not be an optimal view of life, but it’s the one that allows me to live with the smallest amount of fear and the greatest amount of joy. I don’t know if my way will work for everyone else, but I am sure it can be useful for some of you.

When you take the judgment out of every action, and you trust in the best outcome, everything becomes lighter.  Your reality will always be like it is, but how you view it changes at every moment.

I am urging you to pay attention to how you choose to view everything because if you don’t, you will always be the result of the small part of the world that surrounds you. Being aware of what you choose to let inside your mind, makes the entire world light up.

To break out of the prison you have created for yourself, awareness is a necessity.