Raise someone up

This is not what I expected, being in an unfamiliar place, with a familiar feeling. What I know is no longer relevant, only what I do matters. But what happens if I’m not willing to do anything? Doing nothing is not an option, I am aware of it, but it does seem the safe solution sometimes, even if not the easier.

What each of us brings into the world is connected to the actions we are willing to take, and the effect they create on others. The conversation going on inside the mind might be a source of good ideas, but they mean nothing until they’re turned into something concrete.

This is why we must take action on our ideas. They might be the base for solutions that are needed. Each person has the ability to be a catalyst for growth, and working together is how we can improve life for us all.

Many people have become so focused on what they think they want and are not aware of the separation this behavior created in the world. We see this lack of connection present in all aspects of life and is getting worse day by day.

We have not been designed to have disconnected lives, that is why the current state of things is affecting many of us. As a species, we are social animals, so not being around each other impacts us to the core.

The fastest way to heal is to help people move out of bad places, and inspire them to do the same thing for others. What is the point of tearing each other down? I don’t want to believe that human beings know no other way to grow in life except to make others feel smaller.

Remember when you were a child, and all you had to do to be picked up was to raise your arms? Then you grew up and life got tough, there was no one to pick you up. You got scared, and, out of fear, you hurt someone, pushed that person back, and, in a strange way, it made you feel better. You did it a few more times, and now you know no other way.

There are other ways to grow. Ways that will not chip your soul. Next time you get the chance to hurt somebody, don’t, even if it means you give up the apparent benefits. Instead, try to raise that person up. Help with whatever is needed. Give them what you would like to receive in the same situation.

Life made it easy to be selfish because people forgot how to support each other, but it does not mean you have to do things like everyone else. Be different, be willing to build people up rather than break them down.

Your help will not always be received gracefully, sometimes it will not be received at all. All you can do is offer it, and always be ready to honor that offer. By doing this, you will become a glimmer of light rather than another soul that gets lost in the darkness.

Nobody can tell you who to be, but just as you need picking up sometimes, so does everybody else. Why not give a helping hand?