A test of dreams

I had a few days to sit and think, and it was good. I needed time to breathe and replenish my energy.

It was interesting to observe my mind expand once unburdened by work and other daily chores. Without the usual pressure, my thoughts went to places they haven’t visited for a while. There, I found dreams I haven’t followed, wishes I haven’t acted upon. Though it hurts to acknowledge what I gave up, it made me feel good at the same time because I saw the abundance of thoughts and ideas in my mind.

I am not afraid of running out of ideas any time soon. My mind is a sufficient source of material for all that I want to accomplish. All that is needed to bring those ideas into the material world is work and dedication.      

Today I am new. All that passed will stay in the past. Now I open my mind to what is in my life and set all judgment aside. Though I feel my patience is running out, I will remain calm and go on with life, knowing that my time is close.

Sometimes I get the impression that reality is a test of our dreams, of our commitment to those dreams. Unfortunately, most of us choose to give up on the dream, rather than push for as long as necessary through the current reality.

Today I decide to not give up on my dreams. I will stretch my patience for as long as I need to, knowing that all I want is already mine. I just need to reach it. I can only do this by moving forward. I have faith that things will be fine at a certain point in time, but I feel my patience running out. I want everything to come in my life when I call upon it.

Life follows its course without considering my wishes and sometimes the timing of events is better than what I wanted. I see this only looking back because when I’m in the middle of my life I don’t see everything and I make my assessment on incomplete information.

I have decided to trust in what life brings my way. I will do my best to embrace what is to come without prior judgment and without prejudice. Making the best with what is at hand is my new directive. I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot better than I imagined.