Anxiety of change

Anxiety has made its way in all aspects of life for many of us. We are like the little rabbit that is afraid of its own shadow. Some of the things we have to do are frightening, but not all of them. Still, we get to a point when everything becomes an ordeal, and we fear it long before we start doing it.

Most of this anxiety is self created. We want to do so many things, and we compare our progress after one week to the progress of people that worked for years on that same thing. Through our way of thinking and doing, we chased ourselves into a corner, and we have no idea how to get out of there. This happens in all aspects of life.

We try to find comfort in the things we know and when something gives the impression of change, we refuse it. If we don’t refuse it, because we can’t, then we are caught in a worry loop that we are not able to escape until we stop to see what is true and what is made up in our minds.

When we manage to see what’s true, then everything becomes simple. For some of us, simple is still scary because it’s not easy. For the others, this simple truth might be the way to move into a life that is made for us.     

Pressure is all around us, and it will be there regardless of our wishes. The only way to cope is adaptation. We need to adapt to what is around us and do our best to evolve and to learn. Instead, many of us chose to multiply the already existing problems and increase the pressure we put on ourselves until it becomes unbearable.

The world will not change to meet our expectations, but the way we react to the world can always change and improve. We are not slaves to the events around us, and even if we can’t control many aspects of life, we are still able to steer ourselves in directions that are good for us.

All that is required for us to ease the pressure is to learn how to do things one by one, and to stop making everything harder than it is by considering every aspect of it when all we want to do is solve the problem in front of us and have some rest.