Afraid of mistakes

Not being able to help the people you care about is a feeling that can eat you from the inside. When you care for a person, and that person is suffering, all you want to do is take the pain away, but you can’t. All you can do is support in any way possible so that the one you care about gets out of the hole.

It’s tempting to join in the suffering, thinking this will show our support and compassion. This is of no use for any of the persons involved. Better use of our energy is to instill hope, and if we can, do concrete steps towards solving the issues creating the suffering.

Emotions are important, but sometimes we need to see past them and see things objectively so that we can make the best decisions. We need to understand what we feel and why we feel that, but decide according to the facts, and not according to our feelings.

By keeping our head, we can be of help in any situation, and this is useful for us and for the people we are trying to help.

Life is beautiful, always, though we often fail to see it. Each moment brings its own blessings, but we are caught in our own perception and we miss them.

So many of us would enjoy life more if we could just cherish every moment we are alive. By experiencing life with no made up ideas we allow ourselves the benefit of making mistakes and learning from them. We live in a world where mistakes have been stigmatized. They are to be eliminated from all aspects of life.

Our natural way of learning is to do what we know, be wrong sometimes, learn, and start again. When we take out being wrong, we limit our learning. So, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but please try to learn from them because if you don’t, they are just missed opportunities.