Life means change

I feel calm inside in a way I haven’t experienced in a while. I can again be aware of my thoughts and understand what they mean. Coming after a period of pure chaos in my mind, this is even more appreciated.

I must try my best to maintain this state of mind for as long as possible because it provides many benefits. Most important, it allows me to concentrate on the things that mean something to me and it recharges my spiritual batteries.

To guard the way I feel now, at peace, it’s necessary to notice what is going on around me, but especially, what is going on inside my own mind.  Sorting every thought that comes my way won’t be easy or efficient, but I have to filter them in some way. If not, I will return to the state I was in only a few weeks ago, overwhelmed and confused.       

In my mind, moments of perfect clarity alternate with moments when hope is completely gone. I believe this happens because I am afraid of failing, afraid of taking chances.

By now I am wise enough to understand that life can’t be enjoyed if I am afraid to live. I must learn to take chances again and let myself go with the flow, trusting that everything will be alright in the end.

I know nothing about what the future will bring, but I know I can do the best of it only if I see and take advantage of the opportunities coming my way. I can’t do that by closing myself to the world.

My comfort zone has become too comfortable. So comfortable that it started to hinder my growth. I suspect this also amplified my fear of change. As I already found out, life can’t happen without change. I must sacrifice comfort for me to change, and allow myself to evolve.