Something special

It’s there something special about me?

This is a question we all asked ourselves. Many of us gave up on finding an answer, some have decided they are not at all special. The wise ones answered “yes” and set out to find the special part of them. Trusting what is uniquely yours has only benefits, but accepting that part of you is difficult, more so when everyone around does things differently.

Each of us needs to understand that is impossible to be someone else, but what many of us do is try to copy behaviors, feelings, looks in the pursuit to fit in. What use is to fit in if you give up your true self for that?

When we start up in life, is hard to trust ourselves, so we make decisions on what we see, what we hear, and what we know, but we fail to pass all this through our values. Maybe we have no values at all.

Finding the courage to trust yourself when no one else does, is not easy, but it’s necessary for you to be able to build a life that is yours. The person you need to become is made up of all your parts. Every little part counts. Some, more than you think.

As human beings, we are nothing more than a cluster of ideas that we hold in our minds. These ideas are what shape our views about who we are, about the world, and about our life. Nothing else is more important than what we hold in our minds.

The problem arises when the image held inside is no longer in line with the person you believe to be. Now you need to change the image, but this is a difficult task because you were like this for such a long time.

So, what is there to do? You can’t stay the same because you know there is a problem, but you are not brave enough to give up what you know for what you can be. I advise that you find the courage. Life is only a long series of choices, and no matter what you choose, change is part of the deal.

Now it’s about choice also. Will you try to stay the same, which is an impossible task, or will you be a part of the choices made in your life and move towards what you can become?