Moving past fear

I am moving past what I know I’m afraid of. Where I am is safe. Why would I want to leave? Is it really safe?

Many of us stop evolving because we put walls around, first to protect ourselves and later they become obstacles we don’t have the courage to overcome.

The world is as it is and no amount of overthinking will change it. Our actions are the ones that can transform every day, but action takes courage. Courage to leave what we know behind and move. Pain and struggle may follow, but there is no other way from the person you are now to the person you need to be.

What we want in life is not always what we need and this will make it seem that we are not on the right path for us. We are on the right path all the time but is not an easy one.

Life is a journey of self discovery. This will ask from you all that you have, but if you don’t lose yourself on the way, what you receive in return will be worth it.            

I’ve been lost at sea for such a long time, that now when I am close to the shore, I am afraid. My life went unchanged for many years and I got used to it. Now, change is coming, and I find it hard to let go of what was, so I can make room for what’s to come. Knowing this change is for the best doesn’t change the way I feel.

I need to let go of my old ways to give me a chance to benefit from what the new ways have to bring. The one way that works for me is to stay put every time I am tempted to run. I am letting life bring all that I need to face and trust I will make it past the bad parts and enjoy the good ones.

My first step on solid ground is unsure, like the steps of an infant. I pause for a moment, holding my balance, and then take another step, and another. Each step will be better than the previous.

My confidence is growing and my fear grows a little bit smaller. I believe I will be alright by embracing life as it comes.