Too much to handle

A pinch of hope is what we all need when the morning comes because it provides energy for the new day. Every day needs to be started with the hope that all is fine, and if it’s not, it will soon fall into place. Our energy dictates how we respond to what happens to us. The events themselves are not that important.

We spend most of our days reacting, not knowing that responding to events is of more use to us. Responding means we take time to understand what happens, what it means to us, and why it makes us feel in a certain way. Considering all this we act in response.

Reacting is a primal instinct, that’s why is prioritized. It does not need to pass through our conscious minds. We just take the energy of what happens, amplify it, and send it back. This is not a good way of action when wanting to avoid conflict and move forward.

Both ways have their usefulness, but we must be aware of how we act so that we have a say in it.

Life seems too much for us to handle sometimes. All the responsibilities and expectations we, and others, put on ourselves create obstacles where there should be none. We tend to limit our field of vision by focusing on all that we think we need to solve. In doing so we take focus away from what we are doing right now.

The activity we are doing now might be easier than we see it if we only focus on what we do right now. It is not important that we have not done this before. It is not important that we failed at this, many times before. All that matters is to give our all this time. Even if we fail again, we will become stronger in the process.

Keeping our mind on what is in front of us and not letting it wander to places that are bad for us is not easy. Every time we try to do it, it feels like a fight. For this task to get easier we need to trick our mind into being here, where we need it, and not on past regrets and future worries.

What we are doing now is all that exists in the universe in this instant. All that was before is gone and all that will be after does not yet exist.