On the water

On the side of the lake, trees stood tall as soldiers guarding an ancient treasure. The face of the lake threw shatters of light it borrowed from the sun through the leaves, startling the shadows.

The boat slid across the water with no sound except the regular beating of each row. The silence around made every move of the ore stand out.

We were all tense. Prepared for anything. At least we thought so until people started to come out of the forest. They did nothing except standing and looking at our boat. Their numbers grew enough to make us tenser, but they showed no intention of being aggressive.

Something moved in the water. Everyone in the boat got tensed and silent.

As the shadow slid under the face of the water and closer to us, the strange people lined on the banks started chanting. It was a strange chant. It was scary, but at the same time, full of adoration. They were chanting for the shadow.

In the sound of people chanting, the first hit came. The boat tipped a little to the side and then everyone was under the water.

Wave after wave kept hitting my face, making it harder for me to stay with my head above the water. I was caught in the same repeating moment and with each repetition, I grew weaker.

It was strange, but I was not afraid. I never am, in situations like this. As my life unfolded, I came to believe I am meant to do something important with my life. That means I have to get out of this. I will get out of this. The how is not as clear to me.

For now, I have to keep breathing for as long as possible. As I think about how to do that the next wave hits and I go under. For an instant, everything turns black. When I open my eyes, time stops enough to see the beauty under the water. Then it’s all gone.

When I open my eyes again the water is gone. I take a few long breaths that reach the depths of my lungs, just to be sure.