It will be alright

We tend to consider time unlimited, but it’s not. Not for us as individuals. The reality of our limited time in this world has never been more present than it is today. Death is a constant presence in our lives, but lately more present than we want it to be.

Though is hard, I hope we will be able to take something good from all that is happening. As the world started healing, maybe we can do the same and come together as people. In these troubled times, we are all the same, humans with fears, wishes, and desires, that have been forced to give up a little part of us so we can enjoy everything else.

It’s not easy when all we know changes, but it’s time for us to stop choosing the easy route and do the hard things. It is time for us to act like people and come together for one another. It is time for us to become humans again.

I need to return to life as it is now. I don’t want to. I still want to spend all of my time the way it pleasures me.

I am aware that it’s not the way life goes, but I still wish it to be so. In the meantime, I try to make the best of what every day brings. I force myself not to judge at face value, neither people nor events. Leaving everything be allows me a bit of freedom to do what I want. I struggle to make the right choices, to say the right words, but only when I stop and let me be, I am able to enjoy life.

I know not what is to come, but I trust in who I am and how I do things to pull me through whatever will come.

There is nothing special about me, but in the last years, I have educated myself to receive all that comes in life with no judgment. I admit, is not an easy task, but once learned it provides for a better experience.

Admitting you have no control in life and still trusting it will be alright is a difficult thing to do, but unless you master this you will be easily overwhelmed. Once accepted, this truth provides clarity of mind and lets you better adapt to upcoming events.