You are complete

Let me start by telling “you are a good person”, if you allow yourself to be. 

Many times we decide on doing things that have nothing to do with our true intentions. We do this for many reasons that are not justified, even though in our mind we made up good excuses. 

We need to learn how to listen to ourselves and how to make decisions that are in line with who we are.
Life should be easy, but that doesn’t mean it should be simple. In my opinion, in this life, we are allowed to do everything we want as long as we let everyone do the same. 

For many of us, this doesn’t work because we start comparing what we have and who we are with other people that have nothing to do with us. The only comparison to be made is with the person we were yesterday. If we are able to improve ourselves each day, we are on the right path. 

Once we understand that we can be better without hurting anyone, our life will transform into a beautiful experience. 

We live in a world that tries to convince us that we can do everything on our own. It’s not my intention to tell you that you can’t do things by yourself, but all we do becomes better when there is someone to share it with.

As an example, love can’t be found by yourself, though you need to learn who you are first. In my opinion, love is not about finding the person that completes you, but more about a person you want to share yourself with, a person that wants to do the same with you.

When we are born, we are already complete. The difficult task in life is to give pieces of ourselves and at the same time remain whole. Many of us let people take pieces of us and end up searching for someone or something to replace those pieces, but it’s not how it works. Everything we ever thought lost is still with us, we just can’t see them because we started believing things about ourselves that are not true.

You need to start seeing yourself as a whole again, and in doing this you will find the courage to share what you find, knowing no one can take what is yours.