Can’t avoid all mistakes

It is not pleasant when we let ourselves be pushed into doing things we don’t want to do, but once there, the only way out is doing the work.

Many times in our lifetime, we’ll end up in places we don’t want to be in. This is a certainty. It doesn’t matter how hard we try to avoid making mistakes they will still happen. When they do happen, we must not panic. A clear mind will let us better see our options and allow us to make informed decisions.

Some mistakes can be avoided and some can’t, but they all have the same effect. They force us to find solutions past those mistakes. Some of us will try to hide them or put the blame on others, and for a while, it might work, but the only way past any bad situation is to own up to it and fix what can be fixed. This way your conscience will be clean and your sleep calm.     

All that is asked of us, by others or ourselves, is not always right. Still, we try to meet these expectations and end up in places that are wrong for us.

After getting used to this way of being, it’s hard to remember what you truly want and what makes you happy. Many of us don’t even ask these questions. We just go on with our lives in the way that we know, the way that is familiar.

Being comfortable or accustomed to a way of doing things is not always good because it numbs our senses and it limits our capacity to grow. Doing what we know is easy, but it brings no evolution.

As humans, many of us are frightened when we are forced to step into the unknown, regardless of what aspect of life it is. This is a survival instinct, and it’s good to listen to it, but not without questioning.

For any of us, to be more than we are right now, change is needed, and change only comes from what we don’t know. Change starts at the boundary of our comfort zone and one step past fear. I know of no other way.