We don’t know everything

We understand so little about the world, and we understand even less about ourselves. Still, most of us act as if we know everything.

Accepting we don’t know a lot more than we know is the first step towards improving. But we don’t really want to get better, we only like the idea of improving. Once we are faced with challenges and pushed outside our comfort zone, we are quick to give up the pursuit.

Feeling uncomfortable or in pain is only the beginning. This is a test of our will. A test of everything that we are. We have no idea how much it will take for us to succeed, but the sure way to succeed is to only focus on what’s in front of us and never give up. When we are able to do this, no kind of obstacle will ever be able to stop us.

Yes, things might take longer than you expect, it might hurt a lot more than you want, and sometimes your efforts will go apparently unrewarded. So, what? What other choice do you have? To always remain the same person, stuck in the same place?

Life is about change, and this change forces us to evolve. That is why all the pain and effort will be worth it. As the tide changes from one day to another, so do we. Each day we are a different person than the one we were the day before.

Life doesn’t happen without us changing. For many of us, this is frightening and we try to avoid it by holding on to the past. Doing so only stops us from learning, from evolving, because the world won’t stop for us, no matter how scared we are.

For us to be able to cope with everything that is going on outside and inside ourselves, we need to face it all and resolve it to the best of our abilities. Everything that we hide or run from will later come back. Some aspects of life will stay the same if we don’t push through them, and others will stay the same if we don’t let go.

Though not many of us realize it, learning is something we constantly do. This is needed for us to adapt to all the changes in our lives, and also improve every aspect of life. If we stop learning we rob ourselves of a richer and more fulfilled life. It is on each of us to learn how to do better, feel better and be better with ourselves.