Life is a team sport

I often feel like I’ve set for a great adventure, but I am completely unprepared. Day after day I try to manage to the best of my abilities, but sometimes they’re not enough.

I am blessed to have known people that are not afraid to be who they are. It’s a lot easier to count on them when needed. From what I see, life is a team sport. Even if success is possible on your own, the taste is not as good as when you have someone to share it with.

The best teams are formed of members that push each other to be better. They work together in such a way that they are so much stronger than the sum of all their parts. In life, this means we must be able to depend on one another for support. We can accomplish great things when we understand we are all on the same team.

We can all be happy just as long as we let everyone else do the same. I believe we will be alright even if everything around is trying to convince us that things are different. The world might not look like a warm place right now, but we can make it any way we want to. All that is needed is for us to stand together.

How much longer will we be this selfish, thinking only about ourselves with no respect for everyone else? A world made of single individuals is bound to crumble, and even if it doesn’t, it’s easy to manipulate. When we stand together, our strengths and our chances of success increase exponentially.

We need more understanding and tolerance for one another if we want to stand a chance for a future that is for all of us. We will never be able to evolve as long as we are willing to take from someone else only to make it better for us.

In every relation, be it love, friendship, business, the premise to start things from should be that both parties win. Only when we are willing to do things like this, change for the better becomes possible.