Assume responsibility

We are responsible for all we do, even when we don’t want to accept it. All of our actions and thoughts have consequences that affect us or other people. Many times, we are not aware of this and we end up hurting people, including ourselves.

Age has no influence on how willing we are to assume responsibility for what we do, though life experience is important. It’s not easy to own up to your actions, mainly your mistakes, but it’s important that you do. Accepting that you are responsible for your life might seem to make life harder, but it provides a way for you to be free.

Understanding that only you can make your choices offers clarity and, if you allow other people to make their own choices, the entire world will benefit.     

As children, we live life with no care in the world, and everything is new and exciting. Growing up we lose a big part of our enthusiasm and innocence and start believing we know everything. We never will, and that is fine.

Holding on to a child-like attitude is an ability that can help us in adult life. I don’t mean that we should run from responsibilities, but rather take them on with no fear and without setting limits for how we will manage them. Taking on everything in life with a serious, but playful attitude can transform the way we see the world.

When we stop judging everything before starting, it allows us to see things for what they are, and not for what we believe them to be. Seeing people and things for what they are is an ability that can be useful in any circumstance. We all had this ability as children. Now, we only need to remember how to use it and trust what is telling us.