Walking my path

I am trying to walk the path laid in front of me, but I have moments where it’s so hard that I want to go anywhere else except where I need to be. I push myself to do things because if I don’t do that, nothing will get done.

I love sleeping in late, spending time with my wife, with no plans of doing anything else, but if I would indulge in this all the time, I end up doing nothing at all. So, I force myself to do what needs to be done, even when I want to stop. This way of action is not always successful, but it’s a lot more efficient than doing things only when I feel like doing them.

On some days, nothing works and I spend most of my time on mindless tasks, waiting for the day to end so I can drag myself into bed and hope for a better day tomorrow. Doing the right thing every time is hard, especially when the expected rewards are late or not coming at all.

I might be naive, but I believe that when things are harder to do, then is when you must push through and do them. This way your mind muscles will be forced to grow. Don’t get me wrong, life will go on either way, but the person you come out passing through difficulties will be much stronger than the one who avoids them.

We are all faced with some things we don’t want to do or face. It’s easy to run from them, but we can’t really run from them because they stay with us somehow. It might be in the shape of regret, fear or any other emotion filled memory.

How we react to situations we would like to avoid will shape our character and personalities, even if we are not aware. The solution that works for me, I hate it, but it works, is to push through what needs to be solved. I want to stop at every step, but I’m a lot stronger after the work is done.