Hope and change

Some people are more afraid of the small light coming through the darkness, than of the darkness itself. This happens because a bad situation seems lighter for some if there is no hope of escaping. Nothing is further from the truth than this lie we choose to believe, only to avoid the pain of knowing something better exists.

The purpose of hope is not to remind us what was lost, but to show us what is possible. To move out of the cages we’ve let ourselves trapped in, hope is essential. It needs to be used as a beacon that will show us the way out of the dark and into the life that awaits us.

Nothing from our lives is permanent until we accept it as such. This is why it’s never too late to start on a path that is better for us, even if we are afraid. Finding the courage to make the necessary changes boils down to deciding if you are more afraid of what you have to do or of who you will become if you chose to do nothing.

In the end, fear is only a smokescreen. Once you go through, it loses all powers. Go find out what is on the other side. It might change your life. 

For now, I don’t need you to trust me, but I need you to listen. What I have to say might be of use to you. I know your life might not be at all as you imagined it, but it’s not finished. There is still time to make the necessary changes for you to go where you want to be. Who you are right now it’s not who you must be for the rest of your life.

From the moment we are conceived to the time of our death, we are subject to change. Many of us are not aware of this. Understanding that, we can step towards finding meaning in this life. Our choices don’t need to always be right, but they need to be ours. If they are not, we will use this as an excuse when things don’t go our way.

Putting responsibility on anyone else but ourselves for choices we think are not ours is only an excuse to justify our inaction. Not making choices is our decision, and until we accept this, we will always look for someone or something to blame.

When we decide to make our own choices and take responsibility for each of them, nothing changes in the world, but everything changes in our minds, and our souls become lighter. We are finally ready to step into our lives, the way they should be.