Learn the lessons

I have been frozen in place for such a long time, that now when I’m finally able to move, I don’t know where to go. The world is open to me, but I am not open to the world. For me to change this, I need to go past my fears and all the thoughts that are not allowing me to embrace what is in front of me.

All of us create some kind of space in our minds, and we get used to living there. After spending enough time there, we are frightened by every possibility of change.  The nature of the change is not important, all that we can see is that, if we accept it, the place in the mind needs to be modified, and we don’t want to allow that.

Our mental inertia is the first thing we need to overcome in order to adapt to the constant change of life. If we don’t do this, we are bound to remain frozen as everything moves past us.

I need to keep on learning because it forces my mind to stretch beyond its limits and this is a good thing. When the mind stops growing, we stop evolving, and if we don’t evolve, what is the point of living? From my point of view, life was designed to be a learning experience. This way we can become better each day and, in this way, we are of more use to ourselves and others.

I like learning most of the time but is not the same for everyone. Either we like it or not, life forces on us what we need to learn. If we don’t understand the lesson the first time, we will return later, again and again, until we understand. For a better life experience, please embrace all learning opportunities.

Give yourself the chance to be wrong, but learn the lessons. If you will learn from the failures and defeats, nothing will be able to stop you.