Stop chasing perfection

Given the choice between chasing perfection and doing your best every day, what would your choice be?

For me it’s simple, doing my best every day is all I know to do. The pursuit of perfection is an endeavor that is meant to fail and can bring only pain, while doing the best you can with what you have, in any situation, brings only benefits.

We live in a world where everyone is trying to project a perfect image, failing to understand that all of us are imperfect, in one way or another. Our imperfections give beauty to the world, though many of us don’t see it this way. A world where we are all identical would be boring. I believe none of us wants that.

Understanding that our imperfections are strengths, and not weaknesses, is the first step towards a world where there is room for everyone. Appreciating, or at least accepting our differences is a necessity if we are ever to live together in a way that can make things better for all.  

What is important is not always obvious, that is why we need to do our best in all situations. We never know when something can become important. Life is made up of many little actions, most of which we are not aware of. For us to have the best chance at fulfillment we need to do the best we can in everything.

Educating ourselves to be and do the best we can all the time is difficult, but once learned, can enrich our life and that of the people around us in ways we never imagined. Doing your best doesn’t mean you need to be chasing perfection. It means you must try to do the best you know with what you have at this moment.

Make sure you understand that if later it proves not to be the best way of action, it is not your fault. But it is your fault if you become stuck in regret, only because you didn’t know better. It’s not fair to judge the one you were when the decision was made through the knowledge you have now.