Out of the darkness

The way out of the darkness will still keep you in the dark for a while. Many of us fail to understand this and wander in the dark with no aim because we change direction midway. Faith is a necessity if we are ever to see the light. Faith that we can do it, and belief that the next step will be done into the light.

As children, we were afraid of the dark. With growing up, some of us overcame this, but the darkness moved inside for the others. Once inside, it’s a lot harder to manage because it feeds with fear, uncertainty, and ill thoughts.

Going through life unaware that you are holding on to something that is hurting you, can make it harder to heal in the future. The first step on the way to take you out of the darkness is to understand what is going on inside your mind.

Learning what to keep, for you to grow from, is the second step, and it’s important. Once we are able to know what can help us move forward, and what can hold us back, life becomes manageable, even if not easier.

Deciding by yourself, on everything that you want in life, is the most important ability you can learn. This is why I advise you to learn it as early as possible. 

All that comes into our lives is meant to force us to come out into the world and be part of it. Though it doesn’t seem like it, struggles come our way to force us to evolve. Many of us misunderstand the purpose of difficulties. They are not in our path to stop us, they are there to be overcome. By doing this, you become stronger and better prepared for the next problem.

There are moments in life when the pain numbs everything, and knowing what you should do does not mean you do it. Even then, the only way that can change your situation is to focus your mind on the point you need to reach. Keeping the destination in mind is mandatory when reality tries to convince you that it’s time to give up.

The only form of real failure in this life is giving up. Not reaching the target you set for yourself is not a failure if you learn from it and then try again. With every try, you become a better person, and that is a win.

Life is a string of failures if you want to see it as such, but if you are still alive it means you must not yet give up. You’re going to live some more, and I advise you to use this part wisely. Be courageous, trust yourself, and see what happens.