Like snow covers the ground hiding everything that is ugly, that is how we tend to do with what we believe to be our ugly parts. There’s one important caveat to this, they don’t stay hidden for long.

None of us is completely an angel or a devil, we are somewhere in between. The first step towards healing is to become aware of all the parts we are made of and accept them as our own. Only after we manage to do this we’ll be able to make the best of this life. Once we are clear on who we are, we can take the necessary steps to improve the parts we don’t like and build on the ones that we like.

Some of us will try to hide the ugly parts forever, but that is impossible. They will always be lurking in the darkness, draining the energy out of life. The way to get rid of them permanently is to bring them into the light. That is how they lose power.

Life seems counter-intuitive at times. The things you are most afraid of are the ones you need to act upon. This is not an easy task, but it needs to be done. On the other side of each of your fears is a part of you that is missing. Do your best to find all the parts.  

Being around genuine people is addictive. They are so raw and unpretentious in their behavior, and their opinions, that it makes it easier to connect.

We all can return to the person we have started life as. For this to be possible, all the layers on top of who we really are inside, need to go. If you have a hard time remembering how it felt to act in line with what you feel inside, you need to pay attention to how you are around the people that accept you as you are.

I am sure you know at least one person that you make no effort being around. That is the feeling that can guide you back to the base of who you are. When you give up all the fears, and all the templates of who you need to be, life becomes simpler and effortless. It becomes all about connection and growth. Everything else becomes unimportant.