A thunderous shout

The sun plays through my window and it brings a sense of hope that I was missing. Even though I know the sun is up there when the clouds gather, it still does me good to see it. Life is the same way. We might lose focus, and fail to see hope, but we can always find it in the corners of our minds. It is always present, we just pile stuff on top of it until we can’t see it anymore.

Hope needs never be lost. Even when keeping hope hurts more than we think we can endure, that pain is there to keep our dreams alive, and to remind us that life is not over yet. We have become convinced that surviving is the same as living. This is not true because we give up parts of us to survive, but we extend ourselves by living.

For me, hope is one of the best parts of being alive. It can provide strength and courage when you think there’s none left. It shows you things you thought were lost. It is the nudge you need to get past your fears. Please continue to move along your path in life, and keep alive the hope that you will be alright.

Life is meant to be a thunderous shout, but most of us choose to live in a whisper. We all are at a loss because of this. Being afraid to step into a true life will not make things easier. It will only take you to places you don’t want to be in. When you become aware, escaping them might prove difficult.

Right now, pause for a minute, and silence the noise in your mind. Let the peace fill you and point you in a new direction, a better one. If we keep doing things the same way we always did, the results will be the same. Not liking and complaining about the situation does nothing, except make sure you remain in the same place.

For a different outcome, a different path is needed. A path that we know nothing about. That is how it should be because this way we will be presented with challenges that can transform us into the persons we want to be.

Giving up on who you thought you are, and starting towards an unclear destination, hurts. It hurts so much that we will be tempted to turn back many times. Don’t do it. You are allowed to have a full life, but you will need to open up to what that means, good or bad.