The energy in this moment

Time moves on, and sometimes I feel left behind. It’s like I get lost in my own life. In reality, my mind is the one doing this. It hangs on things already gone, or plans of a nonexistent future, making the present hard to understand.

Being out of phase with my own life is exhausting, that is why I search for ways to bring my attention to what happens now. The way that works for me most of the time, is a brutally sincere and pragmatic analysis of the state I’m in. This assessment allows me to give up on the past I can’t change, but keep the lessons. At the same time, it allows me to give up on the many futures created in my mind, and at the same time be able to use them as guidance.

When I am able to bring myself to this single moment of constant existence, my mind clears and the pressure I felt disappears, leaving behind a human being that is in sync with life. In this moment, all of my past regrets turn into opportunities to be grateful. Grateful for overcoming them, and grateful for the lessons they’ve forced me to learn. In the same moment, my future can be anything. It’s not limited in any way, except by the choices that I will make.

All the energy in our lives comes from this single moment. The past is now only an echo of long lost thoughts and events, while the future is a fuzzy image created by our imagination. Both past and future, are fueled by the energy of this single moment we exist in. You are the one to choose how this energy is used.     

A day at a time, that is how we live. We don’t need to always carry with us all of our past experiences, and all the things that might happen. We don’t take the current moment for what it is, but rather for what we see it to be, and many times is not the best choice.

What each day brings might not be what we want, but if we give up preconceptions, we might find it brings something we can use. All of our days are only as good as we make them. This is not to say they are perfect, but it’s on us how we interpret what’s happening, and the way we choose to remember it.

 Nothing that shows up along our path is insurmountable, but for many of us, the fear of failure is much stronger than our willingness to push through the fear. We fail to realize that on the other side of fear, and a lot of work, the person we need to be, awaits.

For every person that feels the call of something not yet real that they need to be, or to do, have patience and keep working towards that. Every time you move forward in spite of fear, you get closer to being the person you need to be. It might not be the person you want to be, but you will find out it is better.