We have forgotten

We have forgotten how to be ourselves.

Listening to your own thoughts for a long time can be scary, but it’s something you need to do as often as you can.  Self talk is a constant in everyone’s life, even if they are not aware. There is a continuous conversation going on inside your head. Becoming aware that is happening, and paying attention to what is being said are necessary actions to better know yourself.

The more we try to ignore the chatter in our minds, the louder it gets, and combined with the noise outside can become too much to bear. You don’t have to be a simple spectator to what is happening in your mind. You have the ability to actively participate and lead your thoughts where they can do good.

The first time you try to do this, it might seem like you are trying to stop a waterfall. Don’t worry, it becomes easier the more you do it. The more we understand how our minds work, the easier it becomes to make it work for us, rather than against us. Our actions are the result of our thoughts, be they conscious or not, so becoming aware of where they come from, and why they arise, it’s mandatory.

Taking the best action in every situation is not possible, but taking the best action you know, is always available. In order to improve on what you know, and in doing so, improve on the action you can take, you need to always be learning. About yourself, and about the world.   

Moving through life at a pace that is your own is not always possible, but it can provide many benefits when achieved.  We people, tend to be easily influenced by our environment and many times end up borrowing rhythms from the outside and forget to pay attention to the rhythm inside.

When you live to your own beat things are easier, you are more inspired, and everything feels natural. Many of us never get to move to our own pace because we don’t know it. We first moved like our parents, then like our friends, and now like everyone that we believe it’s better than us.

Being like everyone else doesn’t really help bring out your essence, the things that make you, you. Maybe it’s time to stay still for a moment and give up pursuing someone else’s vision to make room for yours.

Things in life will not be as clear as you want them to be, that is why you need clarity in the way you perceive everything. This way you will be able to make judgments close to the truth.  Making assessments on facts rather than what they are made to appear, is an ability that can prove useful in life. Especially in a world where everybody seems to have forgotten how to do this.