Imagine that everything you want in this life is already yours. The time has now come for you to enjoy the time you have left. How long would it take before you start looking for something new to do, something meaningful?  Why not ask this question before we have achieved things, and start working towards what we want?

The value of life is mostly given from what we get from the pursuit, rather than the achievement of what we want. This is because the pursuit is a state we stay in for much longer. Falling in love with the process of going after what is important to us is the best choice we can make for faster success. Even if we fail to achieve our goals, the progress that we make will prove useful.

Our wishes and desires come to us as fleeting lights through the night, meant to move us in one direction or another, but they are not all the same. So they need to be tested. Tests come in the form of the path we need to follow, which is meant to teach us the value and price of what we are trying to achieve.

For many of us, the perceived value of what we want might seem greater than the price, and this will be enough to keep us going, regardless of the obstacles we meet on the way. For others, the price asked in return for what can be gained, will seem much too great compared to what needs to be given up in return. This will make them give up, and turn back.

Things in life are not always black and white, that’s why our interpretation might sometimes be flawed. The value we put on something is not always correct, and this can lead to us going after the wrong things.

We are not meant to be identical, that is why is important to correctly evaluate the value of things. Our inner values help to clarify the choices.